Nixie & Dekatron High Voltage power supply

It is very convenient to prototype nixie projects on breadboard. Each project requires a high-voltage supply, and for those who don't have a high-voltage bench supply, this one is very handy. It is not designed to be compact, but rather easy to place on- or next to the breadboard. I have used this power supply to prototype my 4-tubes nixie clock, see picture below.


I made 2 versions of the schematics : one with a voltage doubler and one without. You need the voltage doubler if you plan to play with dekatrons. If your interest is just in nixie, then it won't be useful. The power supply is based on the well-known MC34063 chip. Two transistors in push-pull have been added to drive the FET properly. I found this design in the archives of the neonixie group, btw.

PCB files

All files can be found in the download section, as usual. Enjoy nixie and dekatron projects on your breadboards now !