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The flash module is a replacement of the assign eprom. It simply plugs into the eprom socket (no soldering, no wiring necessary). It provides :

  • new JX firmware
  • 32 banks of memory (equivalent of 32 M64C, or 1 or 2 M1024C)
  • JX bootloader to allow firmware upgrade through midi
  • compatible with JX10, MKS70 with or without the PWM upgrade
  • compatible with the GU280 display upgrade
This is a great upgrade if you don’t have a cartridge or simply wants more internal memory. This upgrade will also allow future development of new features for the JX since the eprom was really getting full with the already available new features (arpeggiator and such). Installation is as simple as swapping the eprom chip. Manual is available here. Install guide, done by Guy, is here.

The modules are now available at the price of 99€ (32 banks version). New roms B&C can be purchased for 10€ extra. Obviously, firmware 3.x or 4.x is included. Please contact to order (or be added to the waiting list).

Firmware upgrades are available in the download section.

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Many thanks for the beta-testers Guy, Sandro and Keith!