Release Notes

The released versions are described here, with a list of changes. Current owners can upgrade for a small fee (chip + shipping costs).

"Roland" version


  • Initial release


  • Bug fix [JX10 only] : the cartridge/internal switch was not read at boot time, so if the switch was on cartridge, and a patch is loaded, the patch would be loaded from internal memory. Workaround: toggle the switch back to internal then back to cartridge.


  • Midi CC (control change) support. This adds two new midi setting menus “SYSEX IPR” and “TONE CC”. All tone parameters can now be control with midi cc messages and/or sysex ipr messages.
  • Bug fix : sysex IPR sent to tone-A or tone-B are properly received on the assigner and modify the tone settings. However, under some circumstances, the update of the parameter could be sent to the wrong sound board (in SPLIT or DUAL modes). The parameter is sent to the lastly accessed sound board.


  • Support to edit both tones at the same time using C1/C2 (JX10 only) and/or from midi CC (JX10 and MKS70).


  • MKS70: support filtering notes on/off by ODD or EVEN values, to allow using 2 MKS70 in parallel. No JX10 change.


  • Add support for “big” cartridge (16 banks cartridge). This support is transparent and doesn’t affect any other functionality. The only visible change is a new menu entry under the write section, to allow to directly copy a bank to another.


  • Better handling of the internal/cartridge switch on the JX10 (when writing voice/tone, the default value could not reflect the position of the switch)


  • Edit tone/patch parameters done though sysex/pg800/cc : now remember the menu number (if displaying the modified param is ON)


  • Support for the WRITE button on the PG800. The button was previously ignored (by purpose, because there is no confirmation dialog), but has now been enabled due to a few demands.


  • Bug fix: in some circumstances, the arpeggiator could have a stuck note (only in legato mode).

"PWM" version


  • PWM initial release. 4.00 contains everything from 3.08 + support for the PWM daughter board. YOU NEED THE PWM KIT TO RUN THIS VERSION. Upgrading is straightforward: the new code understands the old tone format, but you cannot go back (the new format is not compatible with the previous tones). Before upgrading to 4.00, make sure that you dump all your patches/tones.


  • Bug fix: in some circumstances, the arpeggiator could have a stuck note (only in legato mode).


  • Bug fix: when converting Roland tones into 'pwm' tones, the LFO waveform could be wrong. Specifically, random and square are swapped.


  • Bug fix: Editing both tones simulateously with midi CC was done incorrectly (3.x not affected).